Europe’s Last Unexplored Wilderness – Romania


Roughly situated between the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube River and the Black Sea, Romania is a medium-sized Southeast European country. With its untouched wilderness, sandy beaches and rich cultural heritage, Romania is one of most offering tourist destinations in Europe. Moreover, being a more underrated destination, you’ll get the chance to experience all these beauties without the bustling and sometimes rather annoying “touristic” experience. The top three tourist areas in the country are Transylvania, the birthplace of the legendary Count Dracula, Bucharest, once called “Little Paris, and the Danube Delta, one of the last truly wild places in Europe.


Transylvania is situated in the Northwestern part of the country, covering almost one third of the country. A place of astonishing beauty, travelers can find here medieval castles that were once the battleground between Christian princes and Turkish sultans, picturesque medieval cities, like Sibiu, Brasov or Sighisoara, uncharted forests filled with hiking trails and ski slopes (but also brown bears; be careful!) as well as an exquisite cuisine based on naturally grown vegetables and meat.

Bucharest is the capital and the biggest city of the country. It is a mixture of classic, 19th century architecture with bizarre, communist-built buildings. The Palace of Parliament, the “masterpiece” of the Ceausescu-era and one of the biggest buildings in the world, is located there, being the main tourist attraction of the city. Bucharest is also home to more than two-dozen museums, an opera house, a zoo, two water parks, but also houses one of the biggest nightlife areas in Europe, Centrul Vechi (EN: Old Town, FR: Vieille Ville).


The Danube Delta is located in the Southeastern corner of the country, bordering the Black Sea. It is a UNESCO World Nature Site, a high number of animal and plant species calling it home. The Delta is the ideal place to go to if you’re a nature-lover or if you’re just fed up with the tense city life and want a break. Leisure activities, such as fishing, rowing, taking boat trips, swimming, sun bathing (surrounded by tree and water grassland, make no mistake!), are the main things you’ll receive in the Delta.


Why should you come visit Romania?

One good reason is: “Hey!.. How many people can say they’ve been to Romania?!” Imagine the stories you could tell after a trip in this place..

The cultural melange is what makes Romania unique – the multitude of German, Russian and Turkish influences left their mark on the country – and its culture – and its people. Moreover, the fact that this “cultural cocktail” is place on a “bed” of beautiful natural scenery and rich heritage makes it one of the most interesting destinations that a travel could possibly encounter.

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