Divergent Argentina

The sweet sounds of tango fill the air and add to the colour, spectacle and beauty that define this South American football loving country. Argentina is truly a striking and special place of contrast and beauty, from powdered white sand beaches to lush tropical jungles and hilly terrains that climax at snowy mountain peaks. All help to make Argentina one of South America’s most diverse countries.


Argentina boasts a rich heritage which is felt in the charm of Buenos Aires, a marvellous eco-system of sun-kissed beaches, wetlands, waterfalls, glaciers and protected species. These spectacular natural resources gives a thrilling adventure tours across the length and breadth of the country. Go hiking along rugged yet breath-taking mountain terrains, sail the Atlantic and discover fascinating marine wildlife, discover diverse flora and fauna and dive into the rich culture that sets Argentina apart.

Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aries possesses an old world European charm with beautiful boulevards, chic outdoor cafes, regal historical monuments, statues and quaint cobblestone streets. Walk the halls of the city’s fine museums, and discover the city’s passion for football, music and great cuisine. With many exciting clubs, pubs and parties to choose from, nightlife in the city is lively and thoroughly entertaining.


Explore the vast unspoilt and verdant Ibera wetlands, teaming with tropical birds, monkeys, wolves and other amazing wildlife in their natural habitat. Capture the beauty and wonder of nature on foot, by boat or on horseback. Though Argentina is located in the tropics of South America it also boasts snow-capped mountain peaks and gigantic glaciers. In the Andes Mountain range is Monte Fitz Roy Mountain standing 11073ft tall, popular among hikers for its panoramic views, unique rock formations and snow-capped peaks. Explore the awe and beauty of Los Glaciares National Park home to over 40 glaciers including a 97sq mile glacier called Perito Moreno Glacier. See wondrous caves and other amazing natural glacial formations.

The Casa Rosada, the governmental building in Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina.

Argentina’s diverse eco-system can be seen at the Valdes Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site along the Atlantic coast. Home to endangered species such as the southern right whales, southern elephant seals, sea lions and Orcas. Other impressive places of interest in the country are the vineyards of Mendoza, San Carlos de Bariloche a Swiss like resort town, Iguazu Falls an impressive collection of 275 waterfalls and the sunny sea side resort town of Mar del Plata.

Argentina offers the right mix of relaxation, entertainment and adventure for the discerning vacationer.

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