Beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, incredible attractions, fun-filled fiestas and delectable cuisine all make Spain one of the best travel destinations in the world. Spain is made up of several beautiful islands and autonomous regions, making it one of the places in Europe to find a wide range of cultures and stunning landscapes. Wherever you are in Spain, there’s always something on offer for everyone! Here is an overview of top places to whet your appetite when planning your next trip to Spain.



Located in northeastern Spain, Barcelona is one of the most visited travel destinations in the country because there’s more than enough to see and do here. From vibrant nightlife and unique culture to excellent shopping, fine dining experience and historic architecture, Barcelona is definitely a place not to miss out on visiting. Top attractions worth exploring in Barcelona are the great artworks of Antoni Gaudi, a world renowned artist, which include the famous Sagrada Familia and Casa Batillo. Other interesting activities to do include an evening stroll along the popular La Rambla and visit one of the beaches in the city to unwind, sunbath and relax.



Renowned for being the capital and largest city in Spain, Madrid is a place to experience sizzling nightlife. The city is home to a lot of entertainment venues. Considered one of the most beautiful cosmopolitan cities on the continent, Madrid attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from different parts of the world annually. Located in the heart of the city are some of the most popular attractions in Madrid including Plaza Mayour, widely known for its vibrant San Miguel Market and the Royal Palace, which is the seat of the monarch of Spain.



Located in southern Spain, Granada is the capital of the Granada Province. The city offers a perfect blend of lively nightlife, unique culture and world class attractions such as Alhambra, a place to learn more about the Andalusian history. The Alhambra is regarded as one of Europe’s outstanding architectural sights, with millions of tourists visiting Granada just to have a glimpse of it. Unique to the Alhambra are spectacular gardens, incredible ornamental architecture, and stunning views of the beautiful city.



Located in the eastern part of Spain, Valencia is one of the country’s largest and most important cities. Valencia is renowned for its amazing accommodation, vibrant nightlife and incredible attractions such as the City of Arts and Science, a massive cultural and entertainment complex. This incredible landmark houses lots of buildings including an aquarium, science museum and a planetarium.

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