Making the Most Out of Your Time in Morocco

If you are fortunate enough to head to the beautiful country of Morocco, you are not only in for a place filled with a rich history and culture but also a place where you can experience it first hand by taking advantage of the many activities available to all guests. It’s most likely not everyday that you can visit a place as unique as this and in order to make the most out of your time there, consider taking part in the following activities, places to see and fun things to do while there…

Wander Through the Tanneries

A place famous for its remarkable leather products, Morocco (particularly Fes) has multiple tanneries that you are able to visit and wander through while trying to decide how on earth you are going to make room in your suitcase for all the great products! From handbags and wallets to slippers and jackets, you are guaranteed to find the best quality and most authentic leather you have yet to come across.

Learn to Cook

Chances are you are going to get the chance to taste some of the best food your taste buds have ever come in contact with while in Morocco and if you would rather not have that indulgence end after your trip, consider taking a Moroccan cooking class! An excellent activity for couples and families with older children, this is a fabulous way to learn how to truly cook authentic and oh-so-delicious Moroccan food you can not only enjoy then but also when you head back home!

Soak in the Hammam

Throughout Morocco, you will come across public stream baths, also known as Hammam. If you are looking to truly experience a long-lived Moroccan tradition, then be sure to make your way to one of them and soak, relax and use this opportunity to chat amongst the locals as well. If you are looking to simply rest, then head to the luxury hotels and Riads where you can also enjoy massages and scrubs.

Ride a Camel Through the Sahara

One of the most popular and most coveted activities you can take part in is to head out on camelback through the Sahara desert. There are plenty of guided excursions in the area able to cater to all types of travelers, where you want to spend just one night or a few nights making your way through gorgeous and breathtaking sand dunes that you may have only ever seen pictures of. For those who prefer a more luxurious Saharan desert adventure, you can opt for a luxury tent at the Auberge Kasbah Tombouctou.

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