Brazil: The Salt and Pepper of South America

South America has been a fascinating place ever since Columbus set foot on what was considered back then to be India, and the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors followed suit. Nowadays, the continent’s biggest country, Brazil, is an up and coming destination for people from all parts of the world: the US, Europe, China and Japan, mostly. If you take a look at what this country has to offer, you’ll understand why.

The exotic cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are Brazil’s touristic gems (and also the country’s largest urban areas). The large statue of Jesus Christ overlooking the city is perhaps the most representative monument of the country – the views from the tourist deck in front of it are gorgeous (as are from anywhere in the city; it’s surrounded by pointy mountain tops – these, combined with the beach make for something rarely seen). The Copacabana beach will fill you with sun and sand for the whole year. There’s always something going on at Copacabana – either a beach soccer tournament, a concert, an open-air party, you name it. On the coast of the Atlantic, aside from Rio, you’ll find cities like Sao Paolo or Fortaleza, both blessed with amazing beaches, but less spectacular architecture and views-wise. More of the business destination type.

Natural wonders are located all over the country. The second most visited destination in Brazil are actually the Iguazu falls, located on the border with Argentina. Though most of the falls are located in the neighbor (and rival) country, visitors mainly arrive and see the falls from Brazil. One can see them from close by using a series of walkways. Just for your knowledge, they are some of the tallest and widest waterfalls on the planet – and definitely the most accessible of this sort.

As you travel north, make sure you have a pit stop in Brasilia, the country’s capital. The city, built on purpose to serve as the capital of Brazil, is one of the smartest designed urban areas on earth. The center is riddled with numerous state offices and buildings, all designed by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. Not to be missed.

The last stop in our tour of Brazil ought to be, for sure, the Amazon and its rainforest. Manaus is the biggest and most well connected city in this region, where many hikes through the forest and cruises on the river start. The immense biodiversity will amaze you – if you haven’t see poisonous frogs and colorful parrots in the wild until now, do visit!

All in all, Brazil is a fantastic country that has many to offer to it visitors. Everybody should see this place at least once in their lifetime.

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