Peru is the third largest country located in South America.Deserts, mountain ranges of the Andes and the lush expanse of Amazon rainforest, are offering a wide range of opportunities for visiting this beautiful country.Here you can see everything from neon lights and disco full of young people to the ancient ruins that reveal the secrets of prehistoric times.Enjoy a museum, relax on the lake, surf or walk through a town.Peru has a lot to offer.

For those who are interested in history, there are Machu Picchu and other monuments left by the Incas, Nazca, Moche, Chimu and Sican culture, which allow you to investigate for hours and hours.Peru is home to mountains covered with snow, huge sand dunes, and flocks of brightly colored tropical birds.The capital city is Lima, and the official currency is the Nuevo Sol.

Climate in Peru is characterized with two main seasons: wet and dry.The temperature is mainly influenced by altitude: the more you climb, it is getting colder.High – tourist season is from June to August and this is the best, although the busiest time for the hiking on trails of the Incas to Machu Picchu, or for hiking or mountain biking.Festivities such as  Carnival and Semana Santa, occur during the wettest months.

What to see?

Cusco– once the capital of the Inca and the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America.In 1983 the town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The ruins of the ancient Inca became the basis of Spanish architecture that exists today.The main tourist area is the Plaza de Armas and the surrounding streets, and here you will also find some of the best restaurants, hotels and shopping places of this city.

Lima– Many travelers create a distorted image of Peru and its metropolis and capital of Lima.The magazines about traveling are usually images of Andean villagers dressed in bright colors, farmers who chase the sheep and llamas, and mountain peaks surrounding green valleys.However, Lima is a bustling town on the dry coastal plain, where the dominant colors in the landscape are brown and gray, and the locals are dressed the same as those in cities across North America and Europe

Machu Picchu– Located on the highest part of the eastern Andes at a height of 2.350m.It is located 300m above the Urubamba River and is a holy city of the Incas.Machu Picchu is under the protection of UNESCO and in the season can have more than 2,000 visitors a day.

Arequipa (Arequipa)– Certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Peru.El Misti volcano is located on the northeast; behind the city is a fantastic sight from the Plaza de Armas.What separated Arequipa from other Peruvian cities are buildings constructed of white volcanic limestone, which is particularly bright when the sun shines, and is therefore also known as the “white city”.

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