When you mention South East Asia, the first association is, almost as a rule, Thailand. This country has extremely diversified culture where overlapping effects of different traditions.Thailand is also called the “land of smiles” because of hospitable locals.

Reclining Buddha statue in Thailand

Reclining Buddha statue in Thailand

Thailand’s former name was Siam. It is historical site with a large number of cultural monuments that have marked the history of Asia. It is interesting that Thailand during its 800-year history has never been anyone’s colony. Political system in Thailand is the monarchy and the king of Thailand is one of the most revered monarchs in the world.

The nature and the natural environment are also something that attracts tourists from all over the world. Thailand has much to offer: from the urban city area, across the natural landscapes and scenery for those who want to enjoy in active holiday to the long sandy beaches. All this can be easily find in Thailand.

Almost as a rule, all the tourists who are headed in this Asian country first come in the capital, Bangkok. Bangkok captivates with its buildings and its history. City “emerged” on the river Chao Phraya and today is a true conglomerate of various influences in almost all social spheres, from the food and the architecture to the religion and science.

Millions of tourists from all over the world are on a daily basis on the streets of Bangkok. You’ll notice certainly huge number of street food vendors where you can find almost all of their culinary specialties.You could choose from the famous “street – ice cream” which is prepared in a very specific way, through typical Asian cuisine, to specialties from all over the world. In Bangkok are large number of Buddhist temples and all are interesting in their own way, if you cannot visit them all, be sure to visit the Emerald Buddha, you will be enchanted.

If you are tired of city’s verve, go to the North, to the second largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai.It is a stark contrast to the capital, not so much developed but with a lot more “domestic” charms and curiosities.In the north, you will enjoy the “real” Thailand. If you have a good guide, he may even take you through the jungle of Thailand, to see a symphony of flora and fauna and what is most important, you will be very hospitably welcomed.

In the north of the country is also the destination where was filmed the famous movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, in the middle of the 20th century.

If the aim of your vacation is only holiday that involves lying on the beach, drinking cocktails and swimming in the beautiful water, do not wait any longer. Thailand offers some great holiday location.In the first place, you must visit Patttaya, Phuket and Phi Phi Island. There you will be able to enjoy in the famous mai thai cocktail and don’t ever want to go back home.

Important information for those who are preparing to visit this beautiful country, in Thailand two times per year is held Full Moon Party, the outdoor party which brings together young people from all over the world.

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