The US’s Tourist Hotspot – Florida

One of the most known US States in the world, Florida is the main tourist destination for those Americans looking for beaches and nature. It is especially popular among people on the East Coast, mainly because of the geographical proximity, but also among foreigners. Florida is the southernmost US State and one of the very few enjoying a near tropical climate. The capital, Tallahassee, is situated in the north of the state, while the regions popular with tourists are in the south. Let’s see why this place is so famous.

South Beach Miami, Florida[/caption]

Miami is probably the most known place in Florida. This 5.5 million metropolis boosts gem blue waters (also full of sharks, so be careful), sandy beaches, an incredible nightlife and some of the most beautiful Latino women you’ve ever seen. The city is also home to the rich and famous, many of Hollywood’s movie stars and NBA’s most known having houses here. Downtown Miami has a fantastic skyline that is perfect for photos, both during the day and the evening. The port here is the starting point for most Caribbean cruises that Americans fancy a lot, especially during the winter holidays.

Kayaking In Everglades National Park, Florida, Usa

Just outside Miami, the Everglades National Park is home to another symbol of Florida: the alligator. The area is huge and mostly covered by swamps and saw grass. The best way to visit this fantastic region is by airboat, a kind of small dinghy equipped with a large fan in the back, powering it over the marshlands. Among the animals you can see in the Everglades, there are: alligators, turtles, snakes and rare species of fish.

Disney's Magic Kingdom

Moving on, you’ll arrive to Florida’s most visited destination, Walt Disney Orlando Resort. The biggest Disney theme park in the world, it is visited annually by millions of families and children alike. The high concentration of such parks in Orlando (let’s not forget Sea World and Universal Resort) make it a popular destination among families with small children. Hotels here are some of the best in Florida, most of them having big swimming pools and loads of activities to take part in.

St. Augustine City Hall & Lightner Museum, Florida, USA

We end our trip in the northern part of the state, in Saint Augustine, which is officially the oldest city in the United States. Established by the Spanish conquerors in 1565, it has an old fort, numerous alligators (!) and a city scape that is not common for the United States – with old buildings and small shops. A bit of European breeze to end the trip to the Sunshine State.

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