Slovakia is a striking destination with several glacial lakes, national parks and charismatic castles.Slovakia offers a variety of entertainment in the open;from skiing to rafting, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities.Slovakia has also very beautiful natural parks.The National Park Slovak Paradise is one of the most picturesque areas, which has deep gorges, waterfalls and canyons.In one word it has all and is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities.

The High Tatras are ideal for walking.If you like skiing, then you must visit skiing resort Jasna in Demanovska valley.Tatras Mountains are a popular destination throughout the year.During the winter you can ski and hike, and hike in the summer.Slovakia has numerous mineral springs and spas where you can relax.Planted between hills and valleys, there are numerous fortified castles, ruins from the middle Ages built between small villages and the main roads as protection from invaders.The greatest architectural treasures in the country are the ancient wooden church in northeastern Slovakia, unique in their construction without nails, which today function as places of worship.

Main Square, Hlavne Namestie In Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovakia became an independent state in 1993 when Czechoslovakia split into the Czech and Slovak Republics.While the Czech Republic and its capital Prague is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, Slovakia has remained quiet with his relatively unexplored charms.The capital is Bratislava; the official currency is the euro (EUR).

Slovakia has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are generally very warm. In winter the main activity for tourists is skiing and season begins in December and lasts until March. Spring and autumn are the most ideal time to visit this beautiful country.

Some of the most interesting destinations in Slovakia are:

Bratislava is the largest and the capital city of Slovakia and also the political, economic and cultural center of the country.Bratislava is located in the southwest of Slovakia and extends on both sides of the river Danube.It has a varied history and is still known by the German name Pressburg. It was part of the Hungarian kingdom for several hundred years, and became the capital of independent Slovakia in the 1993.

View Of Staromestska Street In Bratislava City

Dobsinska ice cave– This amazing ice caves is located near the mining town of Dobsina, in the mountains Slovak Paradise and is 130 meters above the river Hnilec.The total length of the cave is 1.483m, of which 515m is open to the public from May to September.It is on the UNESCO list of world heritage.The cave was discovered by the royal mining engineer Eugen Ruffini in the 1870.

Demanovska Ice Cave

Bojnice– The warm springs in this region have been known since ancient times.There are traces of the Neanderthals around 100,000 years old.Young prehistoric finds from the Paleolithic can be found in a nearby cave Prepostská near the town of Bojnice, which confirm the presence of Homo sapiens in this area.Bojnice City is famous for its beautiful castle, zoo and thermal pools.Bojnice castle is a national cultural monument and museum at the same time.This is one of the most beautiful and most visited monuments in Slovakia.

Panorama View At The Bojnice Castle

Slovak Paradise – Slovak Paradise National Park is located in eastern Slovakia. This is a mountain range with cliffs and canyons, valleys, caves and waterfalls. The highest peak is Predna Hola at 1.545m. Here you can find the Dobsinska ice cave, which is one of the most visited attractions. The wild fauna is very rich in the park. There are bears, wolves, martens, wild cats, deer, wild pigs, and some endangered species such as saker falcon.

** Note: Shallow depth of field

** Note: Shallow depth of field

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