The Best Way To Tour An African Safari

If you want the full experience, you should probably save up

An African safari experience is one of the most desirable bucket-list adventures for thrill seekers who enjoy sightseeing in nature.

It’s important, however, to commence on proper planning before jumping on an airplane across the world, because you do not want to travel all that way and end up taking advantage of only the fraction of the safari experience due to misinformation.

Kruger National Park, for example, is South Africa’s top self-drive safaris, yet experts will tell you that the drive will limit you to what you see from the road – which is about 0.0001% of everything there is to see in the safari.

While the alternative is a bit pricey, it may be worthwhile to save up and take a private lodge in private game reserves, where professional rangers will take you to see the true wildlife-viewing-experience.

Furthermore, you can expect very luxurious accomodations and dining at these lodges.

As any travel enthusiast will tell you, investing in an experience such as an incredible safari vacation is more worthwhile than upgrading to a fancy new car – the priorities are up to you!

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