The Best Honeymoon Destinations for a Tight Budget

You don’t need to go in debt for the perfect honeymoon

For couples who are living on a tight budget, a perfect wedding can be a massive financial burden to arrange, and moreover, some budget is typically reserved for a honeymoon, leaving an even smaller span of expenditures available to use for the big day.

A honeymoon can be a month full of travelling or it can even be a symbolic long weekend of relaxation at a resort.

One thing is for sure – there are plenty of options to save on this special vacation without missing out on a wonderful experience.

Whether you choose a short or long vacation, there are several great destinations which are typically low-cost and include a variety of beautiful landscapes to explore (or just bask in front of them without moving a finger).

Take a look at 7 low-budget locations that will make this experience both memorable and guilt-free:

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