A Maldives Vacation on a Budget

A luxurious vacation with a less luxurious budget

The Maldives seem to be popping up on Instagram ever more often as the destination is becoming more and more accessible to travelers on a less-than-extravagant budget.

Since the government began allowing guesthouses to open up on the islands, the variety of places to stay on the beautiful islands has grown, and the prices are much more doable if you are willing to give up on staying at a luxury resort.

In the lower-cost method of vacationing on the island, you can pay as little as $30 a day for a room in a guest house on the local islands, and approximately $20 a day on food and activities.

You can travel cheaply through local ferries or even ask around for a fisherman to take you across to a nearby island for a low rate.

The guestrooms typically include free breakfast, leaving you with expenditures on just lunch and dinner. On the bigger islands, you will have more food options with decent prices, while on the smaller islands, you will likely be eating at one of several touristy (and a bit pricey) restaurants or simply at the guesthouse.

Why not travel to the Maldives?

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