Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

If you’re a regular travellor, these savings really add up

Instead of feeling restricted by your tight vacation budget, why not plan ahead to make sure you can fully enjoy the vacation experience without cutting back on the quality of the trip?

There are a few major hacks which will reduce your expenditures big time:

Start using rewards cards!

You receive offers for rewards cards all the time, but rather than accumulating endless credit cards in your wallet – choose a rewards card which specifically offers flight or hotel discounts and make this card your main shopping card all year long to earn rewards.


Travel off-season

Don’t go during the winter to a beach vacation, but if you are not specifically looking to catch some sun or specific seasonal attractions, booking a vacation for the least touristy season can cut prices in half!

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Book travel and accommodations separately, through comparison sites

Flight and hotel packages are convenient, but they often aren’t the best deal, as you’re unable to compare the best prices for each of the costs individually. Spend a bit more time on booking separately after some research.

Trip Advisor is great for comparing prices through various hotel booking sites and Expedia is great for comparing prices of various airlines.

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