Minimal Packing – What to Take in a Carry-On Bag

Want to travel light? Here are some tips

Taking a suitcase with you when travelling doesn’t only accumulate baggage expenses, it’s also a hassle which slows you down and makes it difficult to travel when you are hopping between many various accommodations and destinations.

If you have no need for five pairs of shoes for your next travel – these are the staples you should pack in your carry-on:


Probably the most important item since you are not going to go hiking with a carry-on luggage dragging behind you and furthermore, it gives you space to pack a few more items without paying luggage fees.

Liquids pouch

Find yourself a clear pouch which will be approved at the airport for a quick check, to avoid the hassle of allocating all of your liquids through security checks.

Comfortable Shoes

Forget heels – if you’re travelling light – first of all pack the most comfortable shoes you can find – for flights and for hiking. Flip flops or other easily switchable light shoes are also important.

Light tote bag

Pack a simple tote bag that you can fold up to a small square. It will take almost no space but will provide you with some extra comfort if you have a few extra items to carry around and don’t feel like stuffing inside the carry-on.

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