The Best Road Trip Routes in the US

Load up on gas and snacks, it’s going to be a fun ride

Whether you like to hit the endless roads on your own with nothing more than the wind around you and the music from the radio to keep you company, or you prefer to pack up the whole family and include some child-friendly activities on the way, road trips can be a great way to experience a plethora of beautiful sights in a short amount of time.

Here are a few routes that you simple must drive through in the US:

Pacific Coast Highway

This is California’s longest highway, running along the coast and giving way for majestic cliffside views of the ocean to any traveler who drives North to South or vice versa.

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Jackson, Wyoming to Glacier, Montana

While you can do this trip in a single day, it will be worth your while to include many stops along the way and extend it so much as a week. Tour through Yellowstone park and view some beautiful glaciers, cliffs and wildlife on the way.


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