Super Low Cost Vacation Destinations on a Tight Budget

Be spontaneous! You don’t have to save up for each trip

If you’ll head to the most tourist-acclaimed destinations popping up on your Instagram feeds in the height of the season, you are likely to find yourself in a huge deficit by the end of the trip.

If, however, you are looking to enjoy a comfortable hotel, beautiful views and unique cultural experience – including great food and local shopping sprees – you might as well check out the underrated destinations which can buy a lot of luxury for your buck.

Mazatlan, Mexico

Not only is the Mexican Peso very weak currently compared to the US Dollar, but the destination is also located in the region which produces the bulk of Mexico’s produce, making the fine dining very, very low cost.

This shrimp-capital of Mexico is a wonderful budget destination for any foodie who wants an authentic yet convenient Mexican experience.


Crete, Greece

A financial crisis is nothing to celebrate but it is quite an opportunity for a low-cost vacation.

Crete’s beautiful beaches and delightful, healthy Greek cuisine will be more than enough to convince you to book an all-included beach vacation.

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