Beautiful Destinations for a Christmas Getaway

Lights, music, snow, culture

Christmas is a magical time of year for those who appreciate the festive gatherings.

If you want to skip on the usual family gathering, or don’t mind flying right after the big dinner, there are many beautiful destinations which will cater to a Christmas you will never forget.

Trømso, Norway

Christmas near the North Pole is probably the most magical experience you can give your kids if they are still leaving out cookies for Santa in the evenings.

This snowy city will give you out-of-this-world views of the Northern lights, which you can watch from the warmth of your jacuzzi.

Many hotels are closed during the holiday so it’s best to book in advance at the few which are open.



Christmas lights, iced-over canals in which you may ice-skate, and a vibrant atmosphere for both relaxing or hitting the pubs – this is a beautiful Christmas destination for the whole family.

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