Eat Like a Local In Shanghai’s Top Restaurant Chains

Experience the city’s most popular comfort food

If you find yourself roaming the streets of Shanghai, China, looking for something more locally-popular than the fancier tourist traps, have a taste of some of the simpler, widespread chains of Chinese comfort food which the city dwellers love.


Yang’s Fry Dumpling

This chain serves fresh dumplings with extremely juicy fillings (be careful not to burn your tongue on them – the fillings are scorching hot!).

Taoyuan Village

If you’re looking for a comfort breakfast spot, skip the typical Starbucks and head over to this restaurant chain and order their delicious soy milk with dried shrimps and seaweed.

Nanjing Impressions

For the most authentic, low-cost stir-fry, head to this restaurant for some classic Asian cuisine to satisfy your carb cravings.

Sun Wing Kee

Try the roasted pigeon at this authentic, fantastic Cantonese restaurant. They also serve great dim sum and a variety of traditional Cantonese dishes which are less typical in the local restaurants.


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