The Most Fascinating Jungle Lodges in the Amazon

Experience a jungle vacation with an incredible view

The exotic Amazon River extends for thousands of miles and flows through several countries.

Along its banks you may find quite a few lodges for visitors who want a full jungle experience, with sounds of flowing water, chirping birds and unique wildlife all around amongst the endless shrubbery.

Yachana Lodge, Ecuador

Chocolate-lovers – this is for you.

This village, which basks inside 17 square kilometers of protected forest, is where Yachana Gourmet cacao is grown. Here you may swim in the river, trek with guides to the nearby waterfalls, or learn how chocolate is made from fresh cacao beans.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica lodge, Peru

If you want a jungle view combined with the comforts of a luxury vacation, you may want to head to this specific reserve, where you are sure to find hot showers and spa treatments.


Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil

If you want to learn about the indigenous wildlife of the forest, this is the place to go. The reserve on which the lodge is located is home to over 600 species of birds and an abundance of butterflies and other beautiful wildlife.

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