Tulum, Mexico – the Hottest New Vacation Spot for Millennials

Why has tourism began flowing drastically to this destination?


Cancun used to be the go-to Mexican getaway for Americans seeking a tropical summer vacation – especially for spring breakers – however, there’s a new player in town and the up and coming Mexican tourist destination has a lot to offer for its visitors.

Beach Road North

This is the place to go if you’re looking for parties, a buzzing nightlife and crowded beaches to see and be seen. The resorts here are the typical big and flamboyant ones you would expect at a popular millennial destination.

Beach Road South

For the more tranquil vacationers, this area is the best place to stay for a relaxed wellness experience. The location is full of vegan restaurants and yoga classes to connect to your inner Zen.

Check out the beautiful yoga studio at Sanara for an ocean-view yoga session into the sunset.

Moreover, if you want a taste of great Mexican food with a sip of a margarita by the waves, head to La Eufemia for some delicious tacos.

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