Exploring Los Angeles On a Budget

It’s not a cheap destination, but it’s doable with the right planning


There are plenty of great summer vacations which will accommodate a tight budget much better than LA, even with long flights included, in Asia or Eastern Europe.

Los Angeles, however, carries a specific charm and temptation which you can’t ignore – and is definitely a city to check off your list whether you live in the US or are visiting from abroad.

With that being said, the not-so-cheap city can be scaled down to several top attractions so that you don’t lengthen your stay too much – there are definitely more sights to see in California, and the big city boasts just a fraction of them.

First of all, go off-season. Unless you are looking for a beach vacation, the best time to find lower rates at hotels is not during the summer. The weather doesn’t tend to reach cold extremes, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, make sure to get a GO Card if you want to attend a lot of attractions. This card may save a lot on admissions.

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Moreover, traffic is terrible – so plan your trip wisely and visit multiple attractions in one or two areas each day, without too much back and forth.

When you’re done scanning the city – go to the mountains and take a camping tent with you! Some of the best views are far from the city lights.

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