Gal Gadot: Motherhood Makes Me Feel Like a Real Life Superhero

Gal Gadot may make a beautiful and powerful Wonder Woman on screen, but her real superhero role comes into play when she is back at home with her 2 children.

Gadot, 32, opened up about how motherhood makes her feel like a superhero, and we’re pretty sure that any mother on the planet can agree – with or without the cape.

Whether it’s surviving the sleepless nights of raising a baby, making sure your child makes it through school without feeling scared, stressed or socially anxious, making sure they are always fed and dressed in clean clothes, and don’t forget – trying to keep up with entertaining them when you come home from work exhausted!

Being a mother is a huge responsibility, and it honestly takes supernatural powers to stay sane, healthy and happy while raising another human (or two or three).

Shoutout to all the superhero women out there who tackle this difficult job!.

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