To all those looking for adventure and who are fed up with famous destinations, it is the right time to travel to the north and see the pearls of Europe – Iceland.While the whole country is connected with only one highway, it is more than enough to see everything that is possible to see from that perspective.If you just want your adventure to take onto the next level, then rent a guide and a good SUV and adventure can begin.


Sun Voyager Monument By The Sea In The Center Of Reykjavik, Icel

Most Icelanders live in the capital – Reykjavik, others are scattered all over the country. That is why a best way to begin your adventure is to start from the capital city.  From there, the visitors are literally left breathless by looking onto the miracles of nature. The first attraction is the so-called Golden Circle, a famous tourist route and a national park.There is a famous geyser, by which this natural phenomenon got its name!Although it eventually turned out, the surrounding smaller geysers still continue to attract visitors, because the eruptions are occurring every twenty minutes.


Nearby is a waterfall, Gullfoss, who enchants with its perfectly green, almost fluorescent color, as well as an extinct volcano crater Kerid, characterized by its red stone, whose bottom is filled with water. Those who decided to embark on this trip should know that these few tourist points are just a basic guideline. Memorable moments arise while driving through entirely mountainous and desolate roads that are barely reachable even with the jeep. While passengers are traveling for several hours, they can observe the environment that is furrowed by steep cliffs that were long time ago under the sea level and now are full of small waterfalls.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Reykjavik is the opposite of a typical European city.Low buildings and houses painted in blue, yellow, tan, one-way streets, traffic minimalism – it is the capital of Iceland!For Reykjavik is said that stayed trapped in the twenties of the last century, even the residents themselves nurture that romantic look, which has nothing to do with modern dressing.

Eyjafjallajkull erupting volcano

Iceland’s volcanoes might cause chaos in air traffic, but are also the rights tourist attraction. Every year large number of visitors is attracted to the foot of Eyjafjallajokull volcano, whose name is barely spoken, but the sight leaves people speechless.

In addition to those who come to see them from a distance, there are organized tourist trips around glaciers, which are located close to the surface of the volcano. These tours cost about 250 Euros.

Blue lagoon, Iceland, a geothermal bath resort.

Everyone who visits Iceland should experience the contrast of ice and fire. That is why the Icelanders used geothermal water, which normally has temperature of around 100 degrees Celsius, to make a real tourist and spa paradise. They used the chilled water, whose passing through the pipes lowered the temperature to 30-40 degrees, and in the middle of lava’s field, near the Reykjavik made a big spa center in the open. It is a must-see tourist attraction – the Blue Lagoon. The water is thick, white and it is difficult to navigate through it. Thus, tourists have the opportunity to swim at a temperature of 40 degrees, while outside is only 10 degrees of Celsius above zero.

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