Cool Camping Products For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Time to save up for some new toys

For those of you who count down the days until the next camping trip and love nothing more than to wake up to the unzipping up a tent and a canopy of green leaves above your heads, you will absolutely love these cool products for the outdoors.

The floating tent

It’s not very innovative but it sure looks fun! You can get one on a website called “Smithfly”. It’s nice for fishing or drifting around a quite lake, but we definitely would not recommend to sleep in it unless you’re looking for an exciting way to drown.


The Sawyer Extractor Bite & Sting Kit

You never know when the most terrifying accidents can come about when hiking.

This emergency kit will help you suck out the venom of a snake bite or bee sting and can mean the difference between life and death for some people.

001006 B

Quick Inflation Mattress

Not only is this inflatable mattress light to travel with, it uses a unique technique which allows you to fill it with 2-7 breaths alone!

001006 C

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