Asia’s Wonder Kid – Singapore

Strategically located on the Eastern banks of the Malacca Strait, one of the most important naval shipping corridors in the world, the tiny country of Singapore has grown, in the past 60 years, from one of the most impoverished states in Asia to the world’s economic powerhouse. The tiny 5-million strong island is one of the most prosperous places on Earth, one of the most expensive and, since 10 or 20 years ago, a tourist hotspot on the map of Asia. Let’s find out why it’s so attractive.

Marina Bay at dusk, Singapore

First of all, it ought to be said that Singapore has never been a cheap destination. Nowadays, it mostly attracts the rich and powerful of the world. Oddly, it has some of the highest prices in the world for day-to-day stuff such as water or food, but some of the lowest for high-end electronics or luxury products. Orchard Road is the main shopping and entertainment area, hosting a number of malls and galleries (with the likes of Zara, Burberry or Louis Vuitton inside). Flights to Singapore are widely available, also, from destinations all over Europe, North America and Asia.

White Tiger

One place that you should definitely not miss is the Singapore Zoo. The park is one of the most popular of its type in the world, attracting nearly 2 million visitors every year. Why? Mostly because of the wide variety of habitats and animals that are shown here: from Siberian and White tigers, to pandas and Australian wallabies. Additionally, frequent animal shows with seals or elephants entertain visitors, young and old alike. And, if we’re talking about zoos, don’t hesitate to take part in the Night Safari experience – it’s unique and allows you to see the animals more in their natural habitat and to experience a bit of their lifestyle.

Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove

In recent years, numerous tourists have come to Singapore because of the different events organized on the tiny island: the F1 Marina Bay GP, one of the most spectacular in the circuit, the different yachting events organized during the year or the FIFA Club World Cup that brings together teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid are magnets for visitors from all over Asia.

Typical Chinese Shops Are Open Tonight In Singapore

Overall, Singapore is a definite stop on your tour of the Asian continent. This tiny speck of land managed to reach an unseen before level of development, despite all odds, and today is one of the shining jewels of that part of the world. Take a look into the future – go and visit Singapore.


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