Visiting Istanbul? Check Out These Attractions

Historic churches and mosques, vibrant restaurants and beautiful scenery

Take a tour through the city’s most popular attractions while experiencing some fantastic local food and authentically-styled accommodations.

This vibrant city is great for both relaxing and sightseeing, especially if you have a keen interest in the city’s rich historical background, which dates back to the Byzantine empire.

Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam

While Istanbul (and Turkey in general) is famous for its steamy bathhouses, this one in particular provides a luxurious experience to its visitors, who immediately notice the deluxe, extensive marbles and sounds of trickling water.

The bathhouse was originally built for a 16th century Sultan’s wife, so you may expect it to be of highest architectural standards.

Blue Mosque

This marvelous 17th century mosque is a lovely cultural icon to see in the city. You may tour the mosque in between prayer times.


Istanbul Archaeology Museums

View an array of well-preserved Ottoman artifacts in the city’s history museums. The rich history of civilizations which roamed the area have left behind mesmerizing traces of their cultures.

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