Escape the Fast-Paces Life and Relax in the Swiss Mountains

Experience silence and tranquility like you have never experienced before

In our fast-paced lives, we tend to forget what silence even sounds like.

We become accustomed to the sound of speeding cars and phones ringing and neighbors slamming doors, but what if you could disconnect for a week or two and take a mental health vacation?

Here are a few locations which will allow you to hear your own breaths as you watch the majestic mountain view from your balcony:


This tiny village of 400 people is a hidden gem with a magical view of the Glarus Alps. In the winter you can head to the ski slopes and in the summer, there are plenty of hiking paths through the forest and surrounding mountainous terrain.



Rigi is one of the easiest-to-reach mountain villages, which is a great benefit considering the often very difficult travels to reach these serene destinations.

Mark Twain had made this town famous through his writing, and if you take a look at the views, you will understand why.

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If you’re scared of getting stuck in an isolated village with little resources, consider heading to Wengen, which is more developed than other mountain villages in Switzerland due to its tactical location on a train route.

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