How One Man Made a Living From Travelling the World

The secret of these mysterious eternal travellers

While it’s common to see models and “trust fund babies” travelling the world on yachts and taking selfies in sports cars in different thrilling corners of the world, you may be surprised to know that many people have managed to fund their endless travels without any wealth at all.

How do they do it?

How is it possible for these young social influencers to live the dream without a commitment to a local job?

The Expert Vagabond, a.k.a. Matt, who has 145,000 followers on Instagram and an abundance of loyal readers of his blog, shared his personal story about how he came about to being a full-time traveler.

First of all, he had no money to spare for his first dream trip.

He was making $30,000 a year, but on his measley salary, he was able to save $7,000 within a year by selling his car and any less necessary possessions, and practically not having a social life in order to save up.

He also spend a lot of time working on selling e-books, which lasted for just a couple of years.

Once he began travelling, he took high quality photos which he was later able to license for some money.

By blogging and eventually growing his audience, he was able to obtain sponsorships and get paid by companies to post or link to their products/hotels/tours/etc.

It wasn’t an overnight achievement, but today, he makes a six-figure salary from doing what he loves.

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