Zanzibar – When and Why to Book Your Beach Vacation

Zanzibar is climbing on the list of popular beach destinations – you’ll want to book early

If you are looking for a more unique beach destination this year and a cultural experience that you won’t forget, it’s about time to head to Africa!

Tanzania’s Zanzibar is a beautiful travel destination which offers a variety of vacation packages for both adventure-seekers and those who just want a luxury retreat to relax and catch some sun.

This archipelago off of the coast of East Africa invites its international visitors to take mouth-watering spice and food tours, dive with majestic underwater creatures and relax upon the mesmerizing shores which have become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations.

If you are fond of culture and history – head to Store Town and take the Swahili cultural tour to view the many preserved wonders and artifacts.

To see some wildlife, take a safari tour through the Jozani Forest.

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For those seeking to merely relax and enjoy being away from the rest of the world, a luxury spa retreat and some food tours will be enough to satisfy your experience.

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When to go to Zanzibar:

The best time to travel for a beach vacation would be December to February, with February also being a great time for scuba diving off the coast.

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